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Tailor's Clapper

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Achieve perfectly pressed, long lasting seams and pleats with a wooden clapper.

Press seams or pleats with steam, then firmly hold the Tailor's Clapper over the pressed area.

Made from a hardwood, the Tailor's Clapper has no finish so it is able to absorb moisture from your iron for flat, crisp seams, pleats, and creases with no shine.

  • Rounded on both ends and designed with side grooves for comfortable gripping 
  • One end is tapered smaller than the other end for multi-sized projects 

Class size - $49.95
Traditional size - $59.75

Traditional size:
Dimensions: 2-1/8"W (at narrow end) to 3"W (at wide end) x 9-1/2"L x 1-11/16" high.
Weight: approximately 15 oz.

Class size:
Dimensions: 1-3/4"W (at narrow end) to 2-3/4"W (at wide end) x 8"L x 1-9/16" high
Weight: approximately 11 oz.

Step 1: Use iron to pump heat/steam into fabric.
Step 2: Lift iron. Place clapper over the pressed area and apply even pressure.