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Perfecto Biker Jacket 202 | DP Studio

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This is a revisited biker jacket with a more contemporary feel. Its basic structure is identical but the waistband has been modified and zips have been added to the right sleeve. Thanks to the way it fastens, the tailored collar can be closed or left open. 

All pattern instructions in French and English
Sizes 36 - 48 (all included)
Difficulty: 2/3

This is a structured piece and various fabric thicknesses are possible. However, do not choose something too light or heavy as the pockets, piping and collar angles will be difficult to make.
110cm wide - 2.3m
145cm wide - 1.6m

1 separable 35cm slide fastener (zip) for the front
1 x 16cm slide fastener (zip) for the sleeve
1 x 12cm slide fastener (zip) for the sleeve
Fusible for the collar, front facing, front panels, piping, sleeve tabs, sleeve-ends, facing, waistband
Straight grain fusible for the armholes, shoulders
110cm of lining