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Jump Suit 300 | DP Studio

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You will not go unnoticed in this work-wear style jumpsuit. Both simple and well designed, it is very much an of-the-moment piece. With its open shirt collar, dropped sleeves and slouchy volume, it can suit different builds and will quickly become one of your staples.

All pattern instructions in French and English
Sizes 36 - 48 (all included)
Difficulty: 3/3

Easy to wear and totally relaxed, you can make it in a dry-handle fabric but avoid anything too heavy. Opt for a fluid fabric if you want to give the piece a lighter touch.
110cm wide - 4.3m
145cm wide - 3.3m

7 x 14mm diameter buttons
2 x 20mm diameter buttons
210cm of braid for a 2.5cm-high waistband
Fusible for the collar, front facing, pocket flaps, waistband, cuffs, back pocket facing