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Hermes | I Am Patterns

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I AM Hermes

I am a chic and classic shirt. I am no introduction. Yu will like me in all my versions. This year, in an ultra long version, I will go anywhere with you.

This pattern is part of the "I AM A GODDESS" Collection.

Sizes: 36 to 46
Hermes is a paper sewing pattern, with all sizes included in the one packet.

Recommended Fabrics: poplin, batiste, twill, flannel, modal, viscose.

Fabric Requirements: 

Dress - Sizes 36-40 - 2.10m of 140cm width

Dress - Sizes 42-46 - 2.90m of 140cm width

Shirt - Sizes 36-40 - 1.60m of 140cm width

Shirt - Sizes 42-46 - 2.00m of 140cm width