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8" Serrated/Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears, Blunt Tip, Chrome Finish | Gingher

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Make cutting easier using micro-serrated shears.

The serrated edge of this essential shears gently grips fabrics, so the knife edge can flawlessly cut through fabric without slipping

The lower blade features a serrated edge with tiny teeth-like grippers that hold slippery knits, rayons, and silks as you cut

The upper blade features a precision ground, very sharp knife edge to cut flawlessly all the way to the points

The long length blades cut fabric effortlessly and are ideal for cutting out patterns and trimming seams

Has slightly blunted points to prevent snagging of delicate and sheer fabric

The bent handle design makes it easy to comfortably cut across a flat surface

The double-plated chrome finish over nickel is both professional looking and durable

Shears to last a lifetime—using a method that is centuries-old, skilled technicians hot-drop forge these Gingher shears and then grid, polish and tune by hand to ensure the same high performance and longevity in every pair

Right handed

Note: The knife edge upper blade can be sharpened; the serrated lower blade edge cannot be sharpened.