About Stitch 56

How we got started

Hi, I'm Helene. I'm the one who started this whole thing back in June 2012 when I had the bright idea of combining two passions of mine - sewing, and online shopping.

I love to fill my sewing room cupboards with fabrics, and sewing patterns, and buttons, and zips, and I just love shopping online. Just a click here, and a click there, and parcels fly from all over the place directly into my post office box, waiting for me to collect on my morning errand run.

Naturally, I'm not the only one who has this kind of love affair going on, and it seemed that the obvious next step was to open my own little corner shop, so to speak, and be the one sending out all those delicious parcels to others just like me. I think that might be you! Whether you shop online with us, or come into see us at our Stockroom in Oakleigh South, we're all about creating the very best possible sewing-related shopping experience for you.

Our Offerings

We proudly present some of the most loved sewing patterns designed by talented creative indie/boutique designers from our own Australian shores, as well as from Europe, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand.

We offer a curated selection of fabrics including the gorgeous Merchant & Mills European laundered linens and hand-blocked hand-dyed Indian cottons, as well as a small selection of the ever-delightful Liberty Art Fabrics. We now also stock lovely fabrics by Atelier Brunette, and we're in the process of organising some of the stunning DIY kits by Alabama Chanin for you. That's a longer-term project for now though, so watch out for that towards the second half of the year.

We stock an amazing collection of other "necessary items" such as a magnificent offering of scissors for any project involving cloth. You'll find a selection of specialty pins, needles, tape measures, fabric pens, and other sewing tools.

We aim to match your love of your craft with the tools to have a handmade wardrobe you'll be proud of. Or, if you like sewing your own handbag or purse, or sewing for your children, or perhaps even making a new fedora, you'll find great sewing patterns to make them.

If fitting is important, we offer a wonderful range of dress forms to complement the time and resources you invest in creating your handmade wardrobe.

If there's anything we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Happy stitching!
x Helene

PS. Here are some photos of our little shop, The Stockroom. It's tiny, isn't it! But it's chock full of fabulous items, and with the ebb and flow of newly discovered sewing gems, the "shopscape" constantly changes.