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Posted on January 25, 2013 by Helene Goldberg

Welcome to our new home! I hope you'll enjoy many shopping sojourns with us!

To celebrate our new website, I've created a few enticements for you. We've got three whole weeks of festivities lined up! Starting with this week, from now till Friday, 1st February, here's what we're offering you. You won't have to do anything other than pop the first item into your shopping cart. Then when you head to checkout, the item/s on offer will pop up on your screen for you to accept or... can I say it???... decline. Wow. Too easy.

  1. Since it is Summer,  thought it'd be nice to make some hats. Whether for yourself, or for the slightly smaller ones around you, when you buy any one of our Hat Patterns, you'll receive a delightful little pair of Embroidery Scissors FOR FREE!!!

    Buy this

    Fedora pattern
    or this

    Adult Hats pattern
    or this

    Kids' Hats pattern
    and get one of these FREE!!!

    Embroidery Scissors

  2. For the smaller fashionado in your household, buy the new Little Truck Stop Top from The Makers' Journal, and get the Little Freddie Vest at 30% off!

    Buy this

    Little Truck Stop Top pattern
    and get this at 30% OFF!!!

    Little Freddie Vest pattern

  3. For yourself, here's a really great deal... buy the new Tunic pattern from The Makers' Journal, and get 25% off on the Freddie Vest!

    Buy this

    The Tunic pattern
    and get this at 25% OFF!!!

    The Freddie Vest pattern

  4. A girl just needs a new handbag every 'once in a while', doesn't she? Buy the Beauty Case pattern or the City Bag pattern, and add your O-Rings at 25% OFF!!!

    Buy this

    Beauty Case pattern
    or this

    City Bag pattern
    and get these at 25% OFF!!!

    O-Rings in Silver Nickel or Antique Brass

  5. Want any Colette Pattern we stock? It's 25% off. Want a Sewaholic Pattern we carry? It's 20% Off.

  6. Feeling a bit cheeky? Try the Tried & True Knicker pattern, and get the Tie Side pattern at 15% off!

    Buy this

    Tried & True Knicker pattern
    then get this at 15% OFF!!!

    Tie Side pattern

  7. And last but not least, buy the Bloomer pattern, and get the fun Lickety-Split Skirt pattern at 20% off!

    Buy this

    Bloomer pattern
    and get this at 20% OFF!!!

    Lickety-Split Skirt pattern

The above line-up is only available while stocks last, we don't have any rainchecks to give better not dilly dally!

The following week, be sure to come back, as we'll have a show for you to watch. There'll be a CODE WORD to listen out for, and a tickling pink reward for your correct entry!

Lastly, I just really want to say how much I'm inspired by you! And how much I truly appreciate your attention, and your business.

Happy sewing!!!
x Helene

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